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Society Competition Winners
One-Sheet Rosebowl
2018-19 Francis Podger FRPSL Singapore Free Post 1945
2017-18 Norman Kelso A 1931 Saskatchewan Electrical Revenue document sowing a combination of revenue stamps rarely seen.
2016-17 Colin Rochester Shipwreck mail from the SV Albatross on its way to Singapore
2015-16 Sandy Sloss An 1845 Letter from Dalmellington to Ayr which could be traced back to his distant relatives
2014-15 Dr. Harry Jackson A letter to Stuttgart, whick carried post war German Stamps at the time of the West German Currency Reform.
2013-14 David Millar The Millennium 1st Class stamps showing 9 of the 37 different varieties produced along with the miniature sheet.
2012-13 Francis Podger FRPSL Two covers recovered from an air crash in Singapore in 1954. one of which was an OHMS 'ambulance' cover.
2011-12 Francis Podger A vehicle tax disc from Singapore in 1942 just before the fall of Singapore to the Japanese Army.
2010-11 Sandy Sloss
2009-10 Charles Lloyd
2008-09 Ron Goodfellow
2007-08 George Lewthwaite
National & General Shield
2018-19 Charles Lloyd & Norman Kelso Rhodesian Double Heads & Saskatchewan Law Stamps
2017-18 Charles Lloyd African Pan Am Clipper Mail
2016-17 Norman Kelso The Artifact & Parliament Definitives from Canada
2015-16 Harry Jackson Stamps and covers from the Indian state of Jaipur
2014-15 Harry Jackson Three small Indian States (Barwani, Morvi and Idar)
2013-14 Norman Kelso Canadian Definitives - The Environmental Issues
2012-13 Peter Dix Booklet Stamps from GB Booklets
2011-12 Peter Dix The first six definitive sets from the Republic of South Africa
1986-87 Dr. Doug Howkins 1987-88 Sandy Sloss 1988-89 Alan J. Roy
1989-90 Paul Stephens 1990-91 Maisie Lunan 1991-92 Paul Stephens
1992-93 David Easson 1993-94 Paul Stephens 1994-95 David Stirrups
1995-96 Paul Stephens 1996-97 Charles Lloyd 1997-98 David Stirrups
1998-99 Sandy Sloss 1999-2000 David Hogarth 2000-01 David Hogarth
2001-02 Graeme Webster 2002-03 Graeme Webster 2003-04 Alan J. Roy
2004-05 Paul Stephens 2005-06 Sandy Sloss 2006-07 Bill Scott
2007-08 Alan J. Roy 2008-09 Sandy Sloss 2009-10 Sandy Sloss
2010-11 Dr. Doug Howkins
Postal History Shield
2018-19 David Millar Victorian covers and postmarks
2017-18 Dr. Harry Jackson 16 Years of Stamp Issues from trhe Kingdom of Hanover
2016-17 Charles Lloyd First Flight Cover Cape Town to London where Plane crashed Twice
2015-16 Not Awarded
2014-15 Charles Lloyd The Surcharging of Rhodesian Mail
2013-14 Alan Roy The Uniform 4d Post - A successful transition to Postal Reform.
2012-13 George Lewthwaite Early postmarks from 18th/19th Century Caithness.
2011-12 Not Awarded
2010-11 Chad Neighbor
2009-10 Colin Rochester
2008-09 David Easson
2007-08 David Easson
Thematic Shield
2018-19 Colin Campbell People and things that have affected our lives
2017-18 Norman Kelso Bermuda Shipwrecks
2016-17 Norman Kelso The Flightless Birds of Antarctica (Penguins)
2015-16 Dr. Doug Howkins The Provincial Shields of all Spanish provinces.
2014-15 Charles Lloyd Heroes or Villains (People featured on the stamps of Rhodesia and Zimbabwe)
2013-14 Charles Lloyd 'The 'Beira - Umtali Railway' which concerned Railway mail in Mozambique, Malawi and South Africa,
2012-13 Colin Campbell Communications.
2011-12 Dr. Doug Howkins The Russian Space Programme
1986-87 Colin Campbell 1987-88 Scott Thomson 1988-89 Colin Campbell
1989-90 David Easson 1990-91 Colin Campbell 1991-92 Peter Dix
1992-93 Paul Stephens 1993-94 N/A 1994-95 N/A
1995-96 David Easson 1996-97 Maisie Lunan 1997-98 Sandy Sloss
1998-99 Colin Campbell 1999-2000 Colin Campbell 2000-01 Colin Campbell
2001-02 John Boyd 2002-03 N/A 2003-04 N/A
2004-05 Dennis Collins 2005-06 Colin Campbell 2006-07 Peter Dix
2007-08 Colin Campbell 2008-09 Peter Dix 2009-10 N/A
2010-11 Colin Campbell
Social History Shield
2018-19 David Easson Lake Victoria and its importance in the region
2017-18 Not Awarded
2016-17 Harry Jackson German Inflation - Hyperinflation 1916 - 1923
2015-16 Charles Lloyd Postcards from Belgian Congo relating to a specific individual.
2014-15 Peter Dix The Union Castle Line.
2013-14 Dr. Doug Howkins The Spanish Civil War.
2012-13 Not Awarded  
2011-12 Not Awarded  
2010-11 Not Awarded
2009-10 Not Awarded
2008-09 Not Awarded
2007-08 Dr. Doug Howkins

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