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Dundee & District Philatelic Society Information

This section of the web site contains some information relating to the history of the society, who the current officers are, who ahs been president of the society since its formation and what awards have been won locally at the society as well as nationally and internationally by members.

History will provided a brief introduction to the society over the years since it was formed.

Current Officers will detail who holds which position within the society. This information will change following the AGM which takes place each year usually in April.

Past Presidents lists every individual who has held the presidency of the society since its inception.

Members Awards lists all awards won for displays at National and International events by members of the society. Currently this information only goes back to 2012 but as more information is unearthed this will be included.

Competition Winners lists all members who have won the awards for the 5 different categories of competition held annually by the society. The categories contested are 'One-Sheet Competition', 'National & General', 'Postal History', 'Thematic' and 'Social Philately'.

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This page was last modified on 17th May 2018.